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“Step into my office”

FONZIE offers a variety of copywriting, editing & video production services

NEW! Video Assistant

Personalised customer experiences, powered by video.

Introducing your Video Assistant

The ultimate in-store sales machine

Bring the power of live chat, video call capabilities, and knowledge to your in-store or remote working staff. Send chat links to your VIP customers, get notified when they visit your site, and engage with them through their preferred channel.

FONZIE Video Assistant

Easy to use, quick to implement.

With an intuitive interface requiring very little training, your business can start using the Video Assistant within hours.


All things written, including

Web / Mobile

Web content that suits websites and mobile apps, email marketing, and PPC / SEO campaigns

Marketing / PR

From article writing, press releases, resumes and technical writing, FONZIE can handle it

Social Copy

Social media posts, LinkedIN profiles, Tweets and everything in between, FONZIE digs it

Project Consulting

If you mustache ask, FONZIE can also help you with project management & business development too

Custom video production now available!